About Vanguard Maritime Solutions

Vanguard Maritime Solutions is built, designed and structured by a team of former UK Special mission unit (SMU) operators, instructors and subject matter experts in Military & Law Enforcement and Ship Recovery.

Having recently left UK SMU and the Specialist ship and Maritime Operations group, the team are the most current and capable with today's Maritime threats and methods of interdiction, be this overtly or covertly Vanguard Maritime Solutions brings a unique and extensive amount of knowledge to its arsenal from decades of operations internationally

Vanguard Maritime Solutions tailor our support uniquely, understanding the complexity and discretion necessary today and therefore balance a unique approach to each of our customers.

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Services :

  • Military & Law Enforcement
  • Compliant boarding
  • Non-compliant boarding
  • Opposed boarding
  • Hostage rescue
  • Maritime Agency scenario awareness
  • Specialist training
  • Vessel threat assessment
  • Ship survey
  • International ship recovery
Vanguard Maritime Solutions services

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