Around 80% of global goods are transported by ship the cost of which is in the hundreds of billions. There for Government agencies require the ability to board and search these vessels. This capability is essential in protecting shores and critical infrastructure as well as preventing piracy, smuggling of drugs, weapons as well as human trafficking and terrorism. It also ensures compliance of trade regulations and safeguards global trade worth billions each year. where compromised can financially effect state and global economy.

Level 1-4 Boarding

Level 1 – This is when a ship is willing and helps you board. During this course we will teach vessel reconnaissance pre boarding, pilot ladder drills and red flags/signs of illegal activity.

Level 2 – non compliant however not actively hostile. This is when you are trying to board and search a vessel but they are not responding or aiding your boarding. This course will cover vessel reconnaissance pre boarding, rigged ladder work up to 5m, red flags/signs of illegal activity.

Level 3 – opposed boarding is when the vessel is actively trying to repel your boarding using the ship itself and weapons to repel your team. This will cover rigged ladder, caving ladders for upto 30M climbs and fast roping. Covert and overt boarding techniques. A high level of CQC is required we recommend course CQC course. Vessel recovery from pirates. When all crew are in a citadel it will fall under this category.

Level 4 – Maritime hostage rescue. Fully opposed boarding when Terrorists are mixed with civilian hostages. Covert and overt boarding techniques are covered as well as plummet guns and specialist equipment. The highest level of CQC is required we recommend our CQC course.

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